Access to   RStudio Server (R for courses)

  Sign into RStudio ( )

        Please compare exactly the server name with the name on your form !        
        Bitte vergleichen den Servernamen genau mit dem auf Ihren Antragsformular !        


Einen RStudio-Server-Account erhalten Sie bei Herrn Sachs. Schicken Sie Herrn Sachs eine E-Mail-Anfrage für einen Account zusammen mit einem gut lesbaren Foto Ihres gültigen Studienausweises und der Angabe der Modulkennung (BK 005, MK 062). Herr Sachs wird Ihnen dann Ihr Passwort zukommen lassen. Die E-Mail-Adresse ist hans.sachs(at) Bitte beachten Sie, dass Herr Sachs nur E-Mails von offiziellen JLU-E-Mail-Accounts bearbeiten kann.
#  Den Account erhalten sie normalweise innerhalb eines Werktages  #

You can get a user account for the RStudio server from Mr. Hans Sachs. Send him an e-mail requesting an account together with a photo of your student ID card and the ID of your course (either MK 002 or MP 100 or maybe both - you only need one account even if you attend both modules). Mr. Sachs will then send you your username and password. His e-mail address is hans.sachs(at) Note that Mr. Sachs will only reply to e-mails sent from your official university e-mail account.
#  You will normally receive the account within one working day  #


Screenshot instructions (en)       Screenshot Anleitung (de)

(3) Readme (... really means 'readme' !)

[?]   recommended characters for file names in rstudio :
  a-z A-Z 0-9 _ . -    (no: 'blank', ä, ö, ü, ß, #, ... )
[?]   '1' or 'lowercase(L)' in password :
  if you not sure, test both options
[?]   if you get the message 'incorrect or invalid username/password' :
  open an editor and write your password in plain text - then use 'copy and paste'
[!]   R packages :
  all the necessary packages are already installed
[!]   one important note :
  the regular backup of your data is your own responsibility
[!]   observe :
  the account expires automatically after one year